A Welcome Message

I  welcome a (hard or soft) look by a writer at another writer. Glimpses and recognitions can be more insightful than full biographies. Obviously writers have atypical views of one another. These can be any kind of recollections under the sun.

All entries are welcome. As many as you would like to contribute.

I thought of publishing this website after I read a not-so-good book by Ford Maddox Ford about authors he knew. I yearned for more insightful, more visceral stuff from other writers of his generation.

Comrades, let’s have a go!

Susan Braudy, Writer and Publisher

The Memoirs of Authors Project

Memoirs of Authors: Writers Celebrate Writers is a collaborative collection of memoirs written by authors, about authors. Stories–long and short– that celebrate and illuminate the lives of mentors and colleagues who have inspired and nurtured our writing lives.

Memoirs of Authors: Writers Celebrate Writers is a user-generated, collaborative website, “crowdsourced” from the contributions of writers: contemporary and departed; established and aspiring.

Memoir, definition: a narrative composed from personal experience; literary representation of memory

Call for Submissions

You are invited to submit as many memoirs as you would like.  A submitted memoir should be an original work to which you have publishing rights. Although there is no hard and fast size limit, please confine the length of your contribution to the equivalent of five(5) typed pages, give or take. Please spread the word, and invite your writer friends and associates to add their voices to this collection.  This invitation is open to all.

All memoirs should be submitted directly through this website using the Memoir Submission Form that you will find here. You will need to register and login as author to view and access the form. Authors’ photographs are welcome and can be submitted using the same form.